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Verbs practice 1


appointment/date back/backside been/gone borrow/lend

critic/review felt/fell fit/suit it’s/its

lose/loose much/many quite/quiet shade/shadow

whose/who’s your/you‘re passed/past

  1. It’s hot, let’s sit in the ________.
  2. You can’t talk to Tom, he’s ________.
  3. Did the parade go ________ your house?
  4. Rob’s an arts ________.
  5. Sam tripped and fell on his ________.
  6. My new book got a terrible ________ in the newspaper.
  7. I ________ sick so I went home.
  8. Ask Bob, he’s got lots of money, he’ll ________ you some.
  9. Ron ________ down a hole and broke his leg.
  10. I’ll have to ________some money from the bank to buy a new car.
  11. ________ shoe is undone.
  12. He’s _________ rich.
  13. Yellow doesn’t ________me.
  14. How ________ people were at the party?
  15. Did you make an ________ with the doctor?
  16. Jill’s got a ________ with her new boyfriend tonight.
  17. Put the address on the ________ of the parcel too.
  18. A clever dog knows ________ place.
  19. Did you ________ again?
  20. That suit is too big, it doesn’t ________ you.
  21. ________ time to go.
  22. Your trousers are very ________.
  23. How ________ do you know about cars?
  24. ________ friend are you?
  25. ________ driving you home?
  26. ________ an idiot.
  27. John ________ his test first time.
  28. Have you ever ________ to the pyramids in Egypt?
  29. The trees cast a long ________ over the lawn.
  30. You’re very ________? Is something bothering you?
the correct verb to finish the sentences.

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